Three Essentials for the optimal website experience

Even if you are not selling directly online through your website, it’s often where potential customers find out a bit about you before deciding whether to call you up or not.

Poor websites cost companies untold millions in lost customers each year. With that in mind, here are three website essentials to ensure you don’t lose revenue due to a poor site experience:

  • Images: If the images on your site negatively affect site performance, Google will punish you by ranking your website lower. Always optimise images, and don’t overload pages with too many.
  • Mobile first: Responsive design is good, but mobile-first is ideal. Google loves mobile and favours them in search engine results pages.
  • Don’t be casual when it comes to plugins: When installed and set up properly, their impact on website speed is minimal. However, a conflict between plugins can negatively impact your website speed – the same way as failing to keep them updated can. And again, Google will punish you.

A few simple tips to ensure a smooth site experience. Can you check all the boxes?