Three no-no’s when creating content

We’re always handing out useful tips when it comes to creating content. But how about our three things to avoid?

1. Don’t cut corners.

Don’t take shortcuts if you want great content. The process can’t be messed with: solid topic research, an airtight writer brief, experienced writer research and copywriting, expert editing, iterations as required.

2. Don’t copy ideas.

Obviously, you wouldn’t plagiarise. But even copying content ideas must be avoided. You need a fresh hook that’s original to your business so you can provide content of interest and relevance.

3. Don’t be shallow or try to only promote your company.

Content needs depth. It must add value rather than cheat potential customers by reeling them in with a great title, only to hype up your own business with no serious takeaways.

Avoid the above and put the necessary effort into your content (or have a specialised agency do it for you).