TikTok makes it easier to add music to your content

TikTok recently rolled out something called Sounds for Business. It’s a vast collection of music, voiceovers and other directional sound cues that help businesses using Tik Tok spice up their videos with creative audio additions.

With Sounds for Business, Tik Tok wants to inspire brands to drive better audience engagement, with the power of music being able to, according to TikTok, “contribute to brand awareness and favourability.”

According to TikTok, their studies show that if a brand’s video features a song a user likes, 68% will remember the brand better, and 62% will become more curious to learn about the brand.

The sounds are of course pre-cleared for commercial use on the TikTok platform, so businesses don’t have to go through the lengthy process of obtaining licenses on their own. It doesn’t get any easier than that.