Tips for driving SEO after Google’s helpful content update

About a month after Google’s helpful content algorithm rolled out, it’s now more than ever all about “people first” content.

So have you changed your SEO content strategy to ensure you conform? Here are three things you should be considering:

  • Stay focused: If you sell sports shoes, don’t write about your favourite holiday. Unless your favourite holiday was New York for the NYC Marathon and your entire blog article focuses on the shoes that helped you complete the marathon.
  • Answer questions: Google wants you to teach your audience something. Help your audience resolve a concern that led them to find your website in the first place, and you are golden.
  • Pay attention to the reader experience: Or to put it another way, satisfy them. This means thinking of their every need. If you are describing something that would be best supported visually, add a relevant visual. It’s that simple.

Not rocket science. Just put out good, relevant content. Off you go.