Top 3 struggles of content marketing

Struggling with content? You’re not alone. Here are the top three hardest aspects of content marketing… and how to move past them.

1. Maintaining consistency

There are endless topics to write about but maintaining consistency of output quality, publishing volume and time, and distribution is challenging. If you try and do too much yourself or go with a mediocre agency, your content will be poor or not get done at all.

2. Adapting to the times

You need to change your thinking from marketer to publisher. Traditional marketers rely far too heavily on sales messages and they don’t look ahead to complex, quality thought leadership that actually provides value for consumers.

3. Finding the budget

There can be a lot of resistance to re-allocate budgets from say digital advertising to content creation. Decision-makers need help to understand the importance of content and that they can’t afford not to do it.