Top 4 2020 content marketing stats

Silx’s favourite 2020 content stats:

1. 67% of marketers say SEO benefits the most when content is used properly.

Google rewards richer content with industry keywords so produce lots and produce it well.

2. 90% of marketers in the US now use digital content to approach their customers.

The US always leads when it comes to business. The rest of the world is catching up…

3. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% higher lead growth than small businesses without one.

Blogs are good for generating new leads. They’re also essential for nurturing leads. Your sales closure rates will be much higher if you write content.

4. It takes 65% more time to write a blog than in 2014!

More people understand that content needs to add value.

It can do more harm to produce bad content. Don’t risk it and turn to our expert team to produce it for you.