Tuning out to ads and tuning in to content

If you’re focusing solely on ads and promos, stop!

Instead turn your attention to good original content and be sure you’re publishing this at a steady pace. This will satisfy your company’s marketing function and indeed your soon-to-be customers.

The evidence is in the numbers. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that “over 70% of consumers say they rather learn about a product or service via content than ads.” That’s whopping! But it’s not just any old content – it needs to be well-researched, original and provide thought-leadership. The Institute also found that “78% of marketers believe that custom content is the future of content marketing.” This is up from just 19% who believed this in 2006 (so you can really see where this is going).

We’ll leave you with another study that found “61% of consumers are more likely to buy if a company produces custom content.”