Use search intent to boost traffic

The golden rule of anything content-related is putting yourself in your audience’s shoes – whether that’s writing, designing, choosing a platform, tweaking a message.

It’s also vital at the ideas stage. And that means understanding what your audience is searching for, how they’re phrasing that search, and how you can leverage that in order to reach them effectively.

Think of it like a checklist:

  • What does your audience need?
  • What might they ask about this need?
  • How would they phrase that question?
  • And would they be looking for information or to make a purchase?

Start with basic research: put your proposed phrase into Google then look at what else comes up – check alternate phrasing, different angles of enquiry, anything you may have missed. Now you can more closely meet the expectations of your customer.

In other words, create content more aligned with their intention.