Warning: don’t write content yourself

Do you have professional writing experience? Have you produced award-winning copy? If the answer is no, you shouldn’t try and write content for your company. Even if the answer is yes, you probably won’t have time to do the due diligence.

The talent and time it takes to produce content can sometimes be overlooked. From researching to writing and editing, a 1,000 word blog may take 12 to 14 hours to create (not to mention several creatives working on it). So unless it’s in your job description, you won’t be adding this to your workload.

Good content generates new leads, nurtures leads, builds brands and dominates competitors who produce less or poorer quality content, so we reckon it’s something that should be taken off your plate.

Working with a professional content agency is money well spent – leaving you to run the company you worked so hard to set up.