Weak content confuses your audience

Does your content really relate to your brand?

In 2016, SaleCycle discovered that just 10% of their blogs accounted for 50% of their web traffic. Know why? Most of their blogs were about company culture – their new offices, what they were up to, and so on. No one cared.

When content is weak, the consumer is mystified about what connects the piece with their need. They’re confused. And no one wants to feel that way. If we do, we don’t come back.  People want to know what the relevance of the piece is – and if it’s not obvious then they won’t read it.

In creating content that’s timely and relevant, you make customers feel inspired to use your products/services; you show your customers that your company works with them; and you help customers feel secure about working with you. You engage them instead of confusing them.