What consumers want from your marketing department

A recent study packed full of revelations should give us marketers some food for thought. It all has to do with what those consumers are looking for when it comes to informing themselves. Here we go:

  • 43% said a brand’s website is more valuable than its mobile app (34%) or social media accounts (16%).
  • 70% said they primarily use a smartphone for online shopping.
  • 60% of consumers say they regularly abandon purchases due to poor website user experience.
  •  57% of consumers said a celebrity or influencer endorsement wouldn’t make them more likely to purchase a product, with 24% saying it would make them less likely to buy.
  • 90% of consumers said content produced by brands is important in shaping their perception of brands and their products.
  • 5% said they’re more likely to purchase new brands instead of brands they trust.

It’s quite the mish-mash of stats, but there are action items here. What areas of your campaigns might be influenced by the above?