What happens to your old content?

Old content never dies, but it does fade away. So how to deal with this reality? Write content with long-term relevance – commonly referred to as evergreen content.

As the name implies, it is content that remains relevant over many years. Like pine trees that never lose their leaves, evergreen content tends to hold its value for the long term.

As such, it will continually generate search traffic if properly optimized and the right content strategy followed.

So, how do you make your content evergreen? Make sure it is a valuable source of information to your audience now and into the future – that is, it’s an “always current topic”. Ideally, focus it around keywords that people type to find such information.

And, of course, make sure it is really well written. As we always say, no content is better than weak content, and strong content will add value to your website for years to come.