What if I stop producing content?

It’s a problem. A big one. Here’s what happens:

  • Sales drop off: Lead nurturing happens mainly through good content. If you pause it, you are no longer nurturing those leads that you worked hard to bring in.
  • Your competitors move ahead: The digital footprint from content is massive – think emailers, social, site traffic through SEO, media syndication. That’s a lot of leads and lead nurturing. Are you ready to hand it over to your competitors?
  • Your brand fades: Without thought leadership content you have a lack of balance between promotional and informational content. And promo messaging alone is not enough to build your brand. Building a brand steadily means regular thought leadership.

Companies may let content efforts falter due to lack of proper setup. It’s a simple fix – work with a great agency and let them do the heavy lifting for you. And keep those sales coming in.