What is evergreen content?

Content isn’t here today, gone tomorrow.

In fact, much of the content you create has the potential to be relevant for many years to come. There’s a name for it: Evergreen content.

Just like the trees it is named after, it stays fresh for a long period. Some examples might include:

Instructional content: How to fix something, construct something, design something, make something. Could be furniture, could be a social media marketing strategy.

  • Review content: Is this particular approach, product, service actually any good?
  • FAQ style list articles: List style articles that quickly answer key customer questions that come up regularly (and your SEO research suggests are regularly searched for).
  • Key concept explanations: Simple breakdowns of common concepts people struggle with in your industry.

So when you create your content, keep the evergreen approach in mind. That way you’re connecting with customer and prospects now and in the future.