What the rise of zero-click searches means for marketers

Zero-click search results are those that provide users an answer from the main Google search result page without requiring them to click through to another site. These are the results that show up above the top spot on page one Google, and can take the form of a paragraph, list, table, image, or video.

Some key considerations for marketers at this time as zero-click searches become more and more popular:

  • High CTRs bring in organic traffic by guiding people to the targeted page. But zero-click searches are shaking that up – as they affect CTRs negatively for businesses that worked hard to climb the SERP ranks.
  • The good news is that winning featured snippets increases brand familiarity and reputation even without getting the clicks. So ranking for these snippets is excellent for your overall marketing efforts.
  • Zero-click searches have seen an increase in recent years of 47% on desktop and 78% on mobile.

So what’s next for SEO marketers? First off, no need to worry – clicks to your site are still going to be plentiful. But you’ll want to adapt a no-click strategy to ensure you stay competitive on all SEO fronts moving forward.