What’s a great topic idea?

When it comes to topic generation, start by reviewing your company materials:

  • White papers
  • Website
  • eBooks
  • Articles
  • Research

Read over them thinking about your audience’s need, and how this information (albeit rewritten into a different form) could address it. Now do the same with your competitors – what are they covering, and are there gaps that you can exploit?

Next, look at industry news – is there anything in the public consciousness right now that ties into your initial topic ideas? Hooking your topic to something current could help boost traffic.

Finally, a tool tip: Check out BuzzSumo. Run a search to discover content ideas and get insights into what is working on different platforms.

Your goal: create a mix of content – some of which covers the hottest topics in your industry, and some in more niche areas, with less traffic, but a higher chance of you dominating that space.