What’s with your tone?

Is it conversational, formal, playful, or serious? Does the tone of your content matter, and how will it impact your audience?

These are all difficult questions to answer but necessary ones. When deciding your tone and managing it, here are a few simple rules you can follow:

  • Check for a corporate personality in your brand rules. Start from there, as your tone should match that.
  • Consider your target market and what you want them to remember about your company and its offerings. If you are a personal trainer who wants to reach the alpha male, for example, you will need a strong authoritative tone.
  • Finally, think about what you do not want to convey. If you do not want to sound arrogant or aggressive, for example, make sure you include it in your style guidelines for content creators.

Remember, the right tone allows you to effectively connect with your audience’s emotions, needs, desires, and interests.