When content works hard, this happens

If you have content doing the heavy lifting and really working hard for you, it’s incredible the different ways it benefits your business.

Here are just three of them:

1. Your digital footprint grows: Your content fires up your website with fresh material regularly, which drives SEO much harder, and provides real substance for your email and social. No content means weak footprint.

2. Your company is seen as an authority: You edge ahead of your competitors by producing high-quality, topical content on your industry and your audience (prospects and customers) naturally start to see you as almost a ‘third party’ trustworthy voice on the industry.

3. You nurture more leads: No content means nothing of substance to nurture leads. Remember: 90% of first time website visitors aren’t ready to buy. How to stay in touch with them so they buy from you when ready?

Content, of course.