Why click-throughs are not the only goal

It’s easy to become obsessed with click-through rates.

But take a step back and ask yourself this: what is the overall goal of your content marketing efforts? And are you focusing on certain numbers at the expense of others?

Your reader may receive an email or glance at a social media post. But they don’t click the link. So no click-through is recorded. Disaster, right? Well, what is the actual experience they just had and what does it mean for your brand?

First, they saw your name and logo. They also saw a summary of the article’s content. If well-written and properly front-loaded, then they actually took away a great deal of information.

Because even if they didn’t click-through, they still got a sense that your company has authority in this space, and is someone worth listening to. Down the line, you may find those impressions become clicks.