Why content cannot be done on the cheap

With content, if you spend less, you get zero. Content is the ultimate lead nurturer, but it takes time and effort.

Here’s why:

1.  Research: Keeping up-to-date on the latest industry discussions, and creating relevant topics week-after-week.

2.  Brief writing: With the topic identified, a detailed brief to get the best from the writer – structure, desired reader reaction, and so on.

3.  Writing: Even for a 1,000-word piece you could be looking at over 10 hours of work. That’s to deliver something that really hits home.

4.  Editing: A fresh set of eyes is always needed, no matter how good the writer is. Checking sources, ensuring the article delivers on the brief. Getting it ready for publication.

5.  Iterations: And don’t forget the client’s requested changes – an editor needs to be on-hand to ensure the piece gets the final signoff.