Why content-focused social media posts work

Often companies use social media to promote their products or services via ads. They worry about which platform to use, ad placement, target audience, and whether they have a big enough budget to succeed.

But social media platforms can provide much more than ad space. It can also help deliver valuable, quality content to viewers. Take, for example, home depot stores like Britain’s B&Q or America’s Walmart. Very rarely will you see them pushing their products on their feeds. Instead, they provide information on using them for home improvement. Customers can even use Twitter to DM them for help or advice on building a shed, plastering a wall, or even laying a patio.

To us, that is perfect use of social.

By turning their social media platforms into a source of information and a help desk, they build authority and a following. This is significantly more effective than ads or direct selling. It forms a relationship with the users and eventually may lead to a sale.