Why does content build trust with consumers?

Let’s start with Brian Sutter’s Want To Be Successful With Content Marketing? – he outlines that the content marketing approach should focus on teaching not selling. From snappy blog posts to in-depth white papers, the content’s purpose is to help existing or potential customers by answering questions and solving problems.

Of course, traditional advertising has its place… but it disrupts and interrupts, essentially SHOUTING at you. And, as its reach has increased alongside digital technology, it has attracted criticism for being an unwelcome intrusion.

So let’s say you’re ready to buy a product or service and are facing a choice of brands. Who would you trust: the company that only reaches out to you when it wants something in return, or the one that consistently provides you with useful advice for free?

You see, strong content marketing helps to build trusted relationships with potential customers, in turn building stronger brand loyalty.