Why everyone is outsourcing content

Everyone is outsourcing their content. OK, not everyone, but a whopping 84%. So why is the vast majority choosing not to build teams in-house?

Firstly, companies need a variety of writing skills. When you employ an agency with a large network of writers you solve this in one hit. It keeps content fresh as opposed to having one writer in-house, which would inevitably lead to stale content over time.

Secondly, in-house resources simply cost too much. Working with an agency, in contrast, means you can pay by the unit delivered rather than having resources full-time on the payroll.

Thirdly, it comes down to quality – a good content marketing agency results in quality output every time. They’ve found the best writers, hired the best editors and developed the best workflow between themselves and the client. Trying to manage all this in-house would be simply too much.