Why you need a short-form video ad strategy

Why is short-form video so addictive? The most commonly given reason is that of a decreasing attention span among us humans (consumers). It sits at about eight seconds.

The bottom line is we watch them. All the time. All day long. And the stats show clearly why you need a short-form video ad strategy:

  • Short-form videos are watched on average for more than 40% of their runtime.
  • We view 59% of short-form videos for 41-80% of their total runtime.
  • 33% of social media marketers plan on investing more in short-form video (more than any other type of content).
  • 58% of marketers already using short-form video say it is so effective that they will increase their spend.
  • 70% of people have reported buying a product after seeing it on YouTube.

To get the most from short-form, you need to know which channels to use and how to use them. But like all things digital, it’s fairly easy to come up to speed.