Why you need a welcome email campaign

Oddly enough, many companies do not send out a welcome email after someone fills out a form on their website to sign up for their newsletter. It’s a big opportunity missed.

What in fact is needed, however, is not just a single welcome email, but a series of welcome emails to go out say over a four-to-six week period. Here’s why:

  • When someone signs up for your newsletter, that is a hot lead. That’s a potential customer saying: “Yes, I know what you sell, and I am interested in hearing from you”. Guide them to the sale.
  • Signing up for a newsletter means that the potential customer is already partly convinced by your offering. This means this person is more likely to refer to friends each time they get one of your welcome emails. Give them that chance.
  • It takes time to make the sale – and a bit of convincing. Welcome emails will help out your sales team a great deal.

And the best part? Once set up, it runs by itself. So get on it, and drive more sales to your organisation.