Why you need to be #1 on Google’s SERPs

Every digital marketer knows that an essential pillar is effective SEO. A recent survey of 240 SEO experts across various companies found that technical SEO and content development were their top two SEO priorities.

Undoubtedly, having high-quality content can potentially increase your website traffic. But it’s all meaningless if you don’t rank at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). And the numbers tell the story:

  • 71% of Google organic clicks occur on page one
  • 67% of clicks go to Google’s first five results
  • Pages two and three generate just 6% clicks

SEO does not replace your digital ad campaigns. It should rather be seen as a separate lead-gen channel of its own – a solid revenue-generator when executed on well. If it is not part of your current digital marketing framework, you need to start exploring this channel.