Why you should love email marketing

So many companies think email marketing is useless or just a nuisance to their target audience. The stats prove otherwise. If email is not a crucial part of your digital strategy, here are some figures to make you think otherwise:

1. Nearly 49% of customers say they would be interested in receiving weekly emails from the businesses they care about.

2. In general, welcome emails get opened at least 82% of the time.

3. More than half of us check our email before we do anything else on the internet.

4. Strangely, only 30% of companies employ personalized emails, despite it generating 6x higher transaction rates.

5. Email marketing, on average, offers a return on investment of 4,400%. In other words, for every $1 spent, it averages a return of $44.

Stats like these demonstrate why email marketing needs to be an essential fixture in your overall digital marketing efforts.