Without content your SEO is stuck at 20%

Without content, SEO doesn’t exist.

And without great content, SEO doesn’t perform. Keywords and topical relevance are fundamental to ranking well – that means your content gets indexed accurately for the topic you’re writing about, get discovered by your audience, and is ranked highly by Google.

If you do SEO really well then your content could be a featured snippet on the results page, as you further build authority on a topic area. And you can use historical optimisation to add an SEO boost to your already-published content.

In the end, Google is just a library, and without content you don’t have any ‘books’ on the shelves. And those books need to be page-turners. Static landing pages aren’t going to cut it if you want to stay competitive.

Plus, a regularly updated blog provides the perfect opportunity for you to write frequently about topics your audience loves.