Write well if you want to close the sale

Here’s a scenario for you: you are in the business of kitchen appliances and your company sells all the latest and greatest. You need a content campaign targeting your demographic.

What might interest them?

How about thought leadership articles on energy consumption considerations; infographics on appliance safety in the home with small children; short videos that address common questions; animations that make how-to demos a breeze.

You’re selling expensive items that people are going to use almost daily. Can you afford to publish a poorly-researched 200-word article about appliance safety that barely scratches the surface? One that might even do more harm than good?

Don’t give your prospect the chance to look elsewhere, to a company that exudes expertise and therefore garners trust. Be that source of reliable information yourself, because readers associate high-quality content with high-quality products.

So, what kind of content do you want to make?