You need content for SEO

Considering SEO without content is worse than drinking decaffeinated coffee. A little bit pointless, if you ask us.

Let’s start with the stats: over half (51%) of content consumption is driven by organic search. And when it comes to content marketing and SEO, almost all (97%) of digital marketers believe SEO and content have become more integrated or are even converging into a single function.

Marrying content marketing and SEO boosts marketers’ key performance indicators: traffic, engagement and conversions. So it’s no surprise that 52% of marketers know that fluency in SEO is imperative to a company’s long-term content marketing success. The two disciplines bring out the value in one another.

Tried and tested by top marketers, it’s clear SEO doesn’t work without content and content won’t be successful without SEO. Don’t try and split them up!