Your 3 tips when writing for mobile

We read on smartphones. A lot.

In the UAE, people consuming content on smartphones (55%) now dominates desktops (44%).

It’s vital your audience’s mobile experience is optimised – in fact, it should be an essential aspect of your content marketing strategy. That means:

  • Short, informative elements – mobile readers are often on the go or in public spaces, so are easily distracted. Convey information clearly: headlines should be crisp and clear, paragraphs easily digestible, sub-heads telling the story to the scanning reader.
  • Do the important stuff up front – 70% of readers never make it past the headline. Front-load your key material so your reader immediately gets a clear overview of the topic and key takeaways.
  • A clear and logical structure – we are all scanners and skimmers. For anyone scrolling through before deciding whether to read in-depth, make sure your argument progresses with clear logic. Make it impossible for them to leave.