Your biz needs SEO content to survive

SEO is all about content.

So for SEO points, you need a blog that’s consistently updated – with great content. In the UAE, for example, one of the most in-demand services is company setup, with thousands of daily searches. So if you’re a company setup consulting firm, you want as much of that traffic as possible.

Because the searches are so varied it means you need a wide variety of blog content. Searches could be specific to your business (someone typing ‘company setup uae’) but a large percentage cover endless business possibilities such as ‘how to become a translator in Dubai’.

To survive as a company, you need content with a variation of keywords for all potential searches – to give you the best chance of winning traffic. Even keyword searches generating 20 views per month is potential business. Make sure it’s you attracting those 20 pairs of eyes, not your competitors.