3 reasons content is the new marketing

Content is the new marketing because:

1. Promo alone just doesn’t work to the same extent anymore – it is too easy to ignore an ad. Bottom line? You need to add value, to put out useful content that helps, intrigues, engages. And that means becoming more than just a marketer; it means becoming a publisher.

2. People search for themes, not ads. If you want to get found, then create amazing content and you’ll leap ahead of your competitors – with customers finding you first and finding you fast.

3. It gets you in the mainstream press. Okay, this is a slight deviation from marketing as we venture into the world of PR. But are press releases really cutting it these days? Editors at top publications have less and less interest in them. What do they like? Well-crafted thought leadership articles (that position you at the top of your industry).