Always write for mobile

Everyone is on their mobile. That’s not news. The question is – are you writing for them?

Imagine what a page looks like on your beautiful desktop monitor. Reading that article is a breeze. Now imagine reading that same thing on a six inch screen.

So when you’re writing for mobile, here are six quick tips to ensure you’re engaging your reader as much as possible.

  1. Write great headlines. Make them short and snappy.
  2. Short paragraphs – think ‘copy chunks’ for the scanning reader
  3. Just get to the point – ensure your content is front-loaded
  4. Make those sub-heads catchy
  5. Keep sentences crisp and direct
  6. Word choice – keep it simple

Thinking like your reader is key – when you finish creating your content, re-read with the smartphone in mind, and ask yourself if you’re making their life easier or more difficult.