Be original – not a copy

Is your competition copying your content? We like it. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Strategically, it also means they are a few steps behind you. Which is where you want them to be.

But even if your competition copies, you must not. Make sure you come up with new topics to write about every time. It is, after all, called “thought leadership” for a reason.

Finding good topics can be as simple as reading industry newsfeeds or utilizing search engine tools to analyze how people search for similar products and services to those that you sell. And then use those popular search keywords to generate specific topic ideas.

Our favorite process to drive content is to create topics around the issues your offering addresses. Invite key employees (CEO, salespeople, customer service reps, etc.) to share their experiences on how your products and services help customers – then go from there. You’ll be able to come up with endless fresh topics.