Consumers concerned over fake reviews

A recent study reveals that fake reviews have become a real issue among consumers – so much so that they are demanding that brands take action to clean things up. Fake reviews are now in fact significantly affecting the buying decision, and that’s a huge problem for businesses.

The numbers from the study show the extent of the problem, with 75% of those surveyed saying they are concerned about fake reviews, 69% about fake images and fake videos, 66% about fake questions and answers, and 69% about fake social media content.

Well, you get the idea. Something has to be done.

But whose job is it to clean things up? The companies or government bodies? That is also part of the debate. In the meantime, consumers are not standing by: 63% are using trusted online shopping platforms to verify, 58% carry out what they consider extensive online research, 47% spend time reading customer reviews, and 46% rely on recommendations from friends.