Country study: How the Brits are using e-commerce

A recent study shed some interesting light on the e-commerce habits of the Brits. This one caught our eye because there is a lot we can take away from the report – regardless of where in the world one is driving e-commerce. Here are the highlights:

  • 34% of people spend several days researching big-ticket items before buying online, while 23% spend a few weeks.
  • 40%+ of shoppers will abandon their baskets at checkout if Amazon has the same item – meaning they would rather buy from Amazon.
  • 37% of shoppers were more likely to purchase if there were detailed product specifications available.
  • 21% said customer recommendations strongly influenced their confidence to go ahead with the purchase.

There are certainly multiple takeaways here – and many questions to ask yourself if you are on online retailer. But one thing is clear: Despite having been in our lives for decades now, the online shopping experience is still changing rapidly from day-to-day, and retailers need to be employing best practices at all times to stay in the game.