Eliminate bad emails

“Are we sending too many emails?”

Silx gets this question all the time. The real question is: how many bad ones do you send? Because every bad email is one too many. If you’re sending out great targeted content on the daily, then the volume isn’t a problem.

To help you eliminate your bad emails, here’s three examples of them:

1. Promo mailers: Obviously promos form part of your sales strategy but they can be seen as badgering – not actually offering anything of value.

2. Poor quality thought-leadership: Thought-leadership is a great part of a brand’s content strategy – but weak attempts just won’t cut it. Ensure this kind of content is well researched and well written.

3. Too much info in one email: People are time-stretched and their attention span is limited! Don’t turn it into a lengthy newsletter. Allow your audience to focus on one core message.