Email marketing simply refuses to go away

According to a recent benchmarking research study on digital marketing, email newsletters proved the most effective form of digital content for generating sales through lead nurturing. True, our inboxes are constantly flooded with spam, but emails are more vital than ever. It is still the quickest and safest way to reach your intended recipient. With the right subject line and informative content, you can catch their attention.

What are some of the most popular uses of email marketing by digital marketers?

  • Lead nurturing campaigns: Possibly the best way to nurture those leads that you captured through other channels.
  • Existing customer reach: For upselling, cross-selling, and general client loyalty, email marketing can help with all three.
  • Review requests: Confident in the excellent service your company provides? Then use email to ask your existing customers for review.
  • Referral programs: People love making money for doing little work. A referral program by email can ask your clients to recommend new clients – and for them to do so by simply forwarding off that email.

Cost benefits aside (email marketing truly is highly affordable), it is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. If you are not using it, you are missing out on strengthening ties with your existing clients – and you are also likely losing new sales due to a lack of lead nurturing.