Here’s why SMS marketing is so popular

Here’s why SMS marketing is so popular

In 2021, over 60% of organisations boosted their text marketing spending. Why? Because it is still one of the most effective techniques to engage with their audience.

Research shows that a well-executed SMS campaign will see a 90% readership rate within the first three minutes – as compared to 22% of emails.

So how could you use SMS for marketing? Here are some popular practices:

  • Welcome texts: For those first-time customers, send a welcome SMS with a special offer or discount
  • Customer service: Not all SMSs are sales-related. They may be used to prevent problems before they arise.
  • Promote flash sales: A timely reminder may be all a previous client needs to return and place another order.
  • Review requests: Make it easy for satisfied consumers to rank and review. The easier it is, the higher the participation levels.

The potential ROI on text messaging is enormous. It costs pennies to send, but the returns can be game-changing.