Measure success through traffic numbers

Figuring out how your content is performing? Measure its success through organic traffic. Siege Media reports that 76% of businesses use organic traffic as a key metric for content performance.

Blossoming startups, huge corporate organisations and everyone in between can benefit from using various types of content marketing to grow their brand and increase sales.

With 61% of businesses admitting changes in search algorithms are their priority when it comes to content, you would be wise to follow suit to make sure your content is getting in front of your audience.

Meanwhile, 45% of organisations state that their main concern is the social media algorithm changes (these can be confusing and occur fairly often so keep your finger on the pulse).

Lastly, almost 38% of marketers relay that creating engaging visual content is their greatest challenge. Looks like they need to hire a skilled content marketing agency to alleviate their worries.