Measuring the value of content marketing

The ability to measure the value of content marketing is vital in order to demonstrate its importance to your overall digital marketing efforts and the health of your business.

So here are three ways to monitor that value:

1. Overall reach: What we’re talking about here are number of email inboxes your content lands in, social post impressions, organic search results, and level of media syndication your content achieves.

2. Engagement: Here we look at number of clicks on your emails (to read the full content), social click-throughs, likes and shares. Plus, Google Analytics data on average time spent on your blogs/website.

3. Revenue: In short, has it increased since incorporating a proper content marketing campaign into your overall digital marketing? (If you chose the right agency, the answer is yes.)

So there is your quick checklist – after all, losing reach, engagement and revenue is not an option.