One piece of content, one big team

How many people does it take to create a great piece of content? Well, at minimum, we’re talking about the following:

  • Brief writer who researches relevant and timely industry topics, liaises with clients and formulates everything the content writer needs.
  • Content writer who has years of experience, is likely a former journalist, has industry knowledge, and can communicate in the voice of your brand with ease.
  • Editor who has a detailed process of checking to ensure the article fits the bill.
  • Proof reader who does a final read-through prior to publication.
  • Publishing manager who will actually upload and monitor the content – on LinkedIn, on your blog, and aim to get it re-published in the mainstream media.
  • SEO specialist who will be involved from start to finish, ensuring your content is not just high quality but easily findable.

Working with a content agency means you have this team at your fingertips.