Short-form ad vid spend set to skyrocket

The rise of short-form videos, first popularised by TikTok and then taken up by just about every major platform, has been a game-changer in the social media landscape.

And marketers are now pouring money into this type of advertising. To give you some hard facts:

  • Global ad spending on short-form video is expected to continue growing by a CAGR of 50% over the coming years – that’s $11bn per year.
  • By 2028, short-form video spend is expected to reach $145bn.
  • Short-form videos are expected to make up 60% of total spending on digital video advertising by 2028.
  • Last year, Asian brands and companies spent $38.8bn on this type of advertising, $1.8bn more than American companies and almost three times more than European brands. However, the Americas are expected to become the world`s largest short-form video market in the following years. By 2028, the total ad spending in the region is expected to grow by 13% and hit $68.2bn. The European market will also see bigger growth than Asia, with total ad spending growing by almost 10% to $16.6bn in 2028.

So what does this mean for us marketers? Quite simply, expect to see a ton of leads coming through short-form video ads, and therefore shift your marketing strategy accordingly. You want to be putting a fair bit of your dollars into short-form video advertising.