Why does pharma nail content marketing?

When it comes to standouts in content marketing, pharma is right near the top.

In fact, the vast majority of the industry’s search traffic (two-thirds) and social engagement comes from just four organisations. Those are Johnson & Johnson, Merck (and its Sigma Aldrich website), Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Pfizer. They account for 53% of social engagement and 63% of search traffic for the entire pharmaceutical industry.

If we look at SEO alone, Merck has received over six million search referrals from its immense library of resources on its industry. Meanwhile, Thermo Fisher gets over five million clicks from search each month from its technical articles.

How about all the other companies in that industry? Unfortunately, we’re talking minimal traffic from search engines or social engagement.

The lesson: It’s not just content creation, it’s having a clear content strategy to ensure what you’re publishing meets your customers’ needs.